What is the Volunteer Passport?

The Volunteer Passport Program is designed to alleviate the barriers of volunteering by providing opportunities for students and to offer an approbation for their efforts in improving our school community. The volunteer committee will sanction volunteer events, in which the volunteers can participate and gather points for their Passport.


Each volunteer will be given a Volunteer Passport where they can track all the events they participated and the hours they have earned. The volunteer committee will verify the hours with a stamp each time.

Our Vision

To create opportunity for students to participate in our growing community by providing an official recognition for their efforts

Levels of Recognition

Four Distinct Levels of Accomplishment


    • 25 Volunteer Points
    • Receive a Bronze Official Certificate of Appreciation


    • 50 Volunteer Points
    • Receive a Silver Official Certificate of Appreciation

  • GOLD

    • 100 Volunteer Points
    • Receive a Gold Official Certificate of Appreciation
    • Receive a Written Letter of Recommendation from the Associate Dean


    • 200 Volunteer Points
    • Receive a Platinum Official Certificate of Appreciation
    • Receive a Written Letter of Recommendation from the Associate Dean
    • Receive recognition on our Honourable Members page

How are they earned?

Point Allocations

    • Club-Related
    • 1 hr spent → 1 Point
    • IEEE Hosted Events, Tour/Field Trip Planning, IEEE Project Leading, Attendance & Participation at IEEE General Meetings, etc.

    • School-Related
    • 1 hr spent → 3 Points
    • Parts Kit Assembly, Orientation, School Info Sessions, Open House, etc.

    • Extra-Curricular
    • 1 hr spent → 5 Points
    • IEEE Conferences, IEEE Vancouver Section AGM, EGBC & ASTTBC Sanctioned Events, etc.


These are members who have achieved the Platinum level of their Volunteer Passport with at least 200 volunteer points or who went beyond their normal responsibilities and have provided outstanding service to the club. We would like to acknowledge and congratulate the following members for their efforts and contributions.


TJ Moon


Cody Vieira


Koji Otomo


Peter Zhang


Sam McWhannel


Matt Leemet