January 29th, 3:30 PM in the Great Hall (SE2)

The RC Classic is now an annual event that happens at the beginning of every winter semester.

The rules are listed below the page. There is a $20 registration per team to help support the event.*

For signups before November 29, the fee is $15!


For more details, visit our RC Classic Facebook Group or contact us at rcclassic@ieeebcit.org


*Please note:  If a team wants to enter multiple cars, it is $20 registration fee for every additional car. 



Team up in groups of 2-5 and build a remote control car out-of-scratch. Apply what you have learned so far!

Car designs and tutorials will be provided for beginners:


RC Car Design Tutorial:

Wednesday, Nov 27 at 2:30 pm in SW01 – 2019

RC Kit giveaways during the tutorial!!!


Click below for Nov 27 Tutorial notes:



Built-From-Scratch Remote Controlled Category


lap time (50%), aesthetics (10%), innovation/technology, (20%) and group presentation (20%)


Subcategories include:


Light (Less than 5V power source)

Heavy (Between 5V and 12V power source)


You may interface a pre-existing controller (XBOX, PS, etc.)

The motor cannot be originally manufactured with the chassis.

Chassis can be used from purchased RC cars, model cars, etc.


Self-Driving Category


These cars drive themselves through the track without human assistance.

lap time (30%), aesthetics (10%), innovation/technology, (40%) and group presentation (20%)


Supported technologies include:


Infrared Line-Following (Black electrical tape)

E.g: https://www.instructables.com/id/Line-Follower-Robot-Using-Arduino-2/


Left / Right Coloured Flag vision tracking

E.g: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKKRt27WJ0w


All other types of autonomous navigation

General Rules

Teams of 2-5

The car CANNOT exceed 30cm by 25cm by 25cm (length x width x height)

Build from scratch only

RC Cars must be controlled wirelessly

One wireless controller per RC Car

RC Car has to be powered by electrical motors (no petrol, etc.)

Cannot hover or fly

NO WEAPONS or ways to destroy/disrupt opponent cars or cause bodily harm

Can use any form of wireless communication (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc.)

Remember, to always have fun!