Terry Calderbank

Hi, my name is Terry Calderbank and I’m from the sunny shores of Okanagan Lake in Penticton, BC. I am a fourth-year electrical engineering student at BCIT and a robotics and autonomous systems enthusiast. I enjoy learning new things as much as I enjoy helping others learn new things. I am passionate about problem solving and creative design. As an electro-mechanical control system enthusiast, I enjoy work both hardware and software related projects.


In my free time I watch a ton of science fiction, practice olympic style archery, play guitar, and work with the Air Cadet Gliding Program as an instructor pilot. The RC classic was the event that started me off on my current career path and it is a great honour to help organize it this year for students new and old. If this event encourages even one person to continue down a path of team-based engineering projects, then my job will be done.


Matt Leemet

Hi, my name is Matt Leemet. I graduated from the Electrical Engineering program at the end of 2015 with a diploma in Automation & Instrumentation. I currently work Tetra Tech as an Instrumentation & Controls Technologist and I’m back at BCIT completing my Bachelors of Technology in Electronics.


In my free time, I like to snowboard, ride my motorcycle and organize events. The RC classic is an awesome event where students can come together and apply their engineering skills. It’s always cool to see what everyone’s designs look like and to see all the RC cars ripping around on the track! Looking forward to the 5th RC Classic!


Ian Cabales

Hi, my name is Ian Cabales. I grew up in the Philippines, and then I moved in Canada five years ago. I am a third-year electrical engineering student at BCIT. I enjoy learning new things, reading books and watching movies. One of my favorites, both book and movie, is Harry Potter.


In my free time, I usually hang out with my friends, play badminton, go hiking or stay home and play video games. This will be my first time helping organizing RC Classic. It is one of the best events hosted by IEEE BCIT. This will be a great opportunity for everyone to apply their creativity and knowledge their learned at school. I am looking forward to everyone’s RC Car.


Amine Doulfikar

Hi, my name is Amine Doulfikar and I’m a 3rd year Electrical Engineering student at BCIT. I found my passion in engineering at a young age and I’ve always loved tinkering with and repairing electronics, as it came very natural and instinctual to me. Due to my curiosity of how these electronics worked, I decided to go into Electrical Engineering to learn more and become the one to design them.


The RC Classic is a great experience for students to get real hands on experience in an engineering project and get a reward($$$) for their efforts! Many Electrical Engineering programs have an RC Car design project, making the RC Classic Competition a great opportunity to get a head start on it or even improve designed cars from previous projects. One of my most rewarding Engineering projects thus far has been designing a Tele-operated and Autonomous RC Car with an image processing algorithm for detecting color indicator in my ELEX 4699 Course.


Jonathan Engleman

Hi, my name is Jonathan Engleman. I was born and raised in Burnaby British Columbia. I started my academic carreer at UBC where I completed an Undergraduate Degree Majoring in Economics and Minoring in Commerce. After UBC I spent my first two years at BCIT completing the Automation and Instrumentation diploma of the ECET Program. I am currenty a third-year Electrical Engineering student with a planned graduation date of May 2020.


Although I am studying to become an Electrical Engineer I very much enjoy hands on work, on site troubleshooting of control systems, and vehicular related troubleshooting. I am very much looking forward to being apart of the RC Classic this year and next.


David Huynh

Hello, my name is David Huynh and I am from Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam. I have been studying and working in the beautiful BC, Canada for four years. I am a level three Automation & Instrumentation student at BCIT. I enjoy watching documentaries film about current and past technologies, and Shark tank is my favorite show. During my free time, I like hiking and playing basketball with my peers.


RC classic is a great event where it can connect people from all engineering disciplines and levels. It will be cool to see how students show off their fancy cars and compete with each other.


Cris Ontuca

Hi, my name is Cris Ontuca and I am originally from Manila, Philippines and I’ve been residing in Maple Ridge BC since 2008. I attended BCIT during the fall of 2017 and I will be graduating in 2019 with a diploma in Electrical Engineering (Automation and Instrumentation option) and my ultimate goal is to practice professional engineering in Canada. I love engineering and the different solutions that it can create to make the world a better place.


During my free time, I like to watch Netflix, play basketball, play video games, and relax. I am looking forward to seeing various RC designs and the creativity of the contestants in full display. Good luck everyone!


Charlie Lewthwaite

Hi, my name is Charlie Lewthwaite and I grew up in Kelowna, BC. I am a third-year electrical engineering student at BCIT. Before coming to BCIT I graduated from the Alternative Energy Technology diploma program at NAIT in Edmonton, AB. I enjoy learning about sustainable energy solutions and the future development of the energy grid.


Outside of school I try to spend time outside cycling, hiking, and playing golf around the Vancouver area. This is my first year volunteering for the RC classic and I’m really excited to be helping out with such a great event.


Aarondeep Dhillon

Hi, my name is Aarondeep Dhillon and I am a third year Electrical Engineering student with a diploma in Electrical Power and Industrial Control from BCIT. I was born and raised in Surrey, British Columbia. Growing up I had a passion for playing soccer and the thrill of competing against others and watching others compete to see whose the best.


The RC Car competition being a battle for the the best car will be a great opportunity to show you are the best and how your skills will make you overcome the competition.

Nikita Zaitsev

Hi, my name is Nikita Zaitsev. I’m a 2nd year electrical engineering student at BCIT in the Power and Industrial Control option. I enjoy many different sports including martial arts, volleyball and ballroom dancing. I like to browse the internet to find innovative ways others have solved real world problems and try to implement them for myself. My hobbies include playing badminton, table tennis, hiking, and assembling electrical circuit boards. I love to help whenever possible, I feel happy when I’ve contributed in a meaningful way to society. I try to be as involved in school as possible.


I’m currently a student ambassador, boxing supervisor, and involved with the Engineering Student Society. The RC Classic is a great opportunity for students to show-off what they have learned or even for new students to learn and be creative in the design of their car. Either way, there is no reason not to register as it is a great learning and networking opportunity. Hope to see some new and creative ideas!

Andrew Yusuf

Hello, my name is Andrew Yusuf. I am currently in my third year of Electrical Engineering at BCIT. I’ve spent most of childhood in Brampton, Ontario before moving to North Vancouver at the age of 12. Since moving to B.C I have had a passion for downhill mountain biking, and snowboarding on the North Shore mountains. During my spare time I also enjoy watching hockey and basketball.


This year is my first year volunteering for the IEEE RC Classic and is the most intriguing event to me. I believe it is an excellent opportunity for students who participate to use their combined knowledge to showcase their skills in a fun and enjoyable environment.