RC CLASSIC 2020 Competitors

The Men Who Saw Tomorrow: Self Driving Category

Our team consists of aspiring young engineers, striving towards greatness in a world of sustainability and automation. The decision to create an autonomous line follower RC car revolves around our passion in autonomous design; an opportunity to apply our theoretical knowledge with a pragmatic approach. We look forward to communicating ideas and receiving criticism from participants for the purposes of improvement. We as a team welcome the advancement of automated robotics and welcome our future terminator overlords. Let our line follower be the SkyNet seed.


– BCIT Electrical Engineering Students


Bilal Rahimi


Balkaran Sidhu


Dmitriy Kalinov

Brobots: Self Driving Category

We are group of engineers (and computer scientists) passionate about challenging ourselves. We have a collective interest in trying to innovate at every avenue.


– UBC Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Students



Ketan Desai


Ben Sommerfeld


Julian Mentasti


Michael Worobetz


Justin Frank

Organic Capacitors: Self Driving Category

Since elementary school age, we have both built hobby electronic projects and upon meeting in BCIT we knew that we had to give RC Classic a try. We chose the autonomous category since it involves control engineering and optimisation, which posed a compelling challenge within the skills of our team.


– BCIT Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology (ECET) Students


Anton Babiy


Neal Nicdao

Autonomous Sticklers: Self Driving Category

Our team, the Autonomous Sticklers, consists of 2 Industrial Power and Control option graduates from the ECET program at BCIT.
We are both in electrical engineering degree programs striving to expand our knowledge and be more prepared for the future to come.
We chose to compete in the autonomous line following car category because we wanted to continue to improve our car design from last year and for something to do in our spare time.
We look forward to seeing what great ideas others bring to the competition this year!


– BCIT Electrical Engineering Students


Nik Zaitsev

Circled Image 2 Kevin

Kevin Stewart

Pseudo Sense: Self Driving Category



– BCIT Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology (ECET) Students


Jim Stass


Zachary Sheppard


Muhammad Faran Bhatti

OverGeared: Light, Heavy and Self Driving Category

Team OverGeared consists of undergrads in Electrical Engineering from UBC and Mechatronics Engineering from SFU. Having engaged in many STEM competitions in the past as well as a passion for the remote-controlled hobby, the RC Classic is right up this team’s alley.


– UBC Electrical Engineering and SFU Mechatronics Engineering Students


Stanley Shi


Igor Vuckovic


Myles Ng

Keep it Real: Heavy Category

The reason why we chose to compete in the “heavy” category is because we’ve previously build remote controls cars of light and automated categories. We wanted to try something new and create a car that is more powerful and robust than what we’ve done before.


– BCIT Electrical Engineering Students


Aleksey Makin


Jack Kang

Bone Silicon: Light and Heavy Category



– SFU Systems and Computer Engineering Students


Cole Nightingale


Kenny Liu


Andrew Redey