2019 IEEE Student Branch Nominations

Nominations for executive and other positions open now!

Nomination Guidelines:


  • You may nominate yourself or  another individual.
  • An individual can only accept and run for ONE executive position.
  • Successful nomination requires the collection of no less than 5 nominators for executive positions.


The final day for submitting nominations is Saturday, March 23rd. No exceptions will be made for this deadline. Online voting will begin on March 25 and end on April 5.



Full descriptions of positions and terms of reference can be found here.


The Chair is the executive officer of this branch and is responsible for fulfi lling the mission of this branch and the overall management of branch affairs. The branch Chair shall preside at all meetings of the branch, appoints all committees, has general supervision of the operation of this branch, and hold signing authority. The branch Chair shall be an ex officio member of all committees of this branch except the branch nominating committee.

Vice Chair

The Vice-Chair is responsible for planning, and organizing the parts kits used in the courses of the ECET program. The branch Vice-Chair shall perform all  functions of the branch Chair in the latter’s absence or at his/her request.


The Secretary is responsible for branch records and correspondence. The branch Secretary shall keep a record of all activities of the branch.


The Treasurer is responsible for branch fi nancial policies, procedures, and controls. The branch Treasurer receives and disburses, with the approval of this branch, all branch funds and keeps an accurate account of all transactions. The branch Treasurer shall make financial reports to the branch executive committee monthly and upon request, and shall transmit the  accounts and all undistributed funds to the successor in office at the end of the branch Treasurer’s term.

Internal Committee Chair

The Internal Events Chair is responsible for organizing events within BCIT such as the annual RC Classic Competition, The FUSE networking event, and any school fundraising events. This role is assisted by the members of the internal committee.

External Committee Chair

The External Committee Chair is responsible for finding and booking tours to local industry partners. Past tours include Nav Canada, Steamworks Brewery, Pacific Powertech and many more. This role is assisted by the members of the External Committee.


The webmaster is responsible for updating the branch website with new information and events. The position involves the opportunity to learn WordPress and maintain the web page you are currently viewing.


The branch photographer role involves being present at events and taking photos and videos for the website and social media. The role also involves providing photos for the webmaster.