Matt Leemet

Hi, my name is Matt Leemet. I graduated from the Electrical Engineering program at the end of 2015 with a diploma in Automation & Instrumentation. I currently work at ESC Automation as an Application Engineer and I’m back at BCIT completing my Bachelors of Technology in Electrical Engineering. In my free time I like to snowboard, ride my motorcycle and organise events. The RC classic is an awesome event where students can come together and apply their engineering skills. It’s always cool to see what everyone’s designs looks like and to see all the RC cars ripping around on the track! Looking forward to the 4th RC Classic!


Alex Tivy

Hi, my name is Alex Tivy. I graduated from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology program in 2016 with a diploma in Telecommunications & Networking. I am currently pursing a Bachelor of Electronics at BCIT part-time while working full time for the electrical consulting firm AES Engineering.


I bring to the team experience in planning events, track construction and RF electronics design. In my free time I enjoy tinkering with electronics and computers, snowboarding, soccer and off-roading.


The RC classic is a great showcase of student talent and will be an excellent environment to show teamwork, inginuity and implementation skills. I hope soon this event will turn into a place where employers can come to seek excellent candidates for employment.


Danilo Dal Cengio

Hello, my name is Danilo Dal Cengio. I’ve recently graduated with a diploma in Mechatronics & Robotics program. I took a year off to work and I am now back in the Mechanical Engineering program, while working part time.


In my free time you’ll usually find me on my motorcycle, surfing or cliff jumping.


The RC Classic is a great event for technology enthusiasts to come together and race their inventions. It’s a great opportunity to showoff their engineering skills, and also see if they can get their ideas to come to life.


Mike Park

4th year civil engineering student here at BCIT. I specialize in structural engineering and can’t wait to start designing. I have alot of experiences in terms of planning and executing club events. Some of my earlier roles were

– BCIT Engineers without Border: VP Campus Relations (2012)
– BCIT Engineering Students’ Society: VP Communications (2012)
– BCIT Engineering Students’ Society: President (2013-2015)
– BCIT International Social Club: Council Member (2016)
– Western Engineering Competition 2017: VP Logistics (2016-2017)

I look forward to ultize my experience to make RC Classic amazing this year!


Trevor Hicks

Hello, my name is Trevor Hicks. I graduated from electrical engineering: power & industrial control diploma option. I’m completing my Bachelors of Technology in Electrical Engineering. I currently work at Labtest Certifcation and TransX. RC classic is a very fun event and I’ve enjoyed constructing my car as much as racing it in previous years.


David EidelShtein

Son. Friend. A&I Graduate. Currently working in the automation industry as a Product Engineer for Progressive Automations. My participation in the RC Classic is dedicated to providing, and giving back to the BCIT engineering community which continues to shape the individual who I am today.


Clarence Barce

Hello, my name is Clarence Barce. I am currently a 1st year student of Electrical and Computer Engineering at BCIT

In my free time, I usually play video games, watch netflix, youtube, and read manga

This will be the first time I am joining RC classic and I think that it is awesome that students get to design, make, and compete with our own RC car and see which has the best RC car!!


Lemuel Santos

Hello everyone, my name is Lemuel Santos and I’m a first-year Electrical and Computer Engineering student here at BCIT. As far as hobbies go, I love to draw, paint, cycling, learning new languages and programming robots.

It’s my first time with the RC Classic but events like these are not new to me. I used to run a robotics club in highschool and RC Cars are very similar! It’s always satisfying to see a project you’ve spent days developing and seeing it actually work. The RC Classic is an awesome way to learn about new things from other teams which you could then use to further improve your own car!

Ishmum Rahman

Hi, I am Ishmum Rahman. I am currently in the Electrical and Computer Engineering program here at BCIT and I started in January 2016.

In my free time, I hang out with my friends, play my guitar and tinker around with various electronics projects.

The RC Classics is definitely the coolest event at BCIT so far, and it gets better every time I hear about it. The event allows everyone to apply their creative and technical side of the mind into something that they will cherish for a long time, and win prizes while they are at it. For myself personally, the thrill from fast cars is something I am passionate about, and making the car myself makes it so much better!

Yoobin Park

Hi, my name is Yoobin Park. I am currently in the 2nd term of Electrical and computer engineering program in BCIT, and looking forward to get into either power or automation option.

I usually hang out with my friends, play some video games and help my father’s buisness in my free time.

The RC Classic definitely is one of the best event hosted by IEEE BCIT student branch which gives students great opportunity to apply their creativity and engineering skills to make their own RC cars. I can’t wait to see lots of different types of RC cars running on the track at the RC Classic.